USER RATING SYSTEM is a machine learning engine

capable of prioritizing calls in real time

with greater probability of success.

Contact centers generate thousands of calls in Outbound campaigns in order to sell a product or service. In most cases the calls are made without applying layers of intelligence that allow to discriminate those without real conversion options.

Our Outbound Optimizer technology articulates its efficiency improvement around three vectors.

Avoid dialing numbers without probability of conversion.

Schedule the calls on the date and time with the best success options.

Predict which agent is the most qualified to close an operation for a client and given time.

Outbound Optimizer is powered by two ways:

Historical data of the campaign to be optimized

By applying our layers of algorithms on past behaviors it is possible to achieve a first level of efficiency that improves current results.


Data enrichment

The issuing campaigns for the sale of a product use, in most cases, very little information from the clients: name, surnames, telephone number and perhaps an address or postal code.

The possibility of enriching customer information with additional parameters allows to achieve very significant improvements in the final results of the model. With our SOCIAL BIG DATA product we are able to add a pool of parameters of enormous value and improve success rates by the magnitude of two digits in the field.

“Our data enrichment layers allow us to improve success rates in two-digit outbound campaigns”.

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