Predictiva Suite

The field of applications using predictive analysis is enormous. With this kind of analysis, it is possible to anticipate future growth of a company, predict the products a customer will buy in his next purchase, the next downtime of an application system, churn rate in the next 30 days, beer consumption next summer or even a goalkeeper’s jump while saving a penalty kick.

Predictiva Suite is a set of tools to perform predictive analysis, which companies with different areas of business and interests can use for:

  • Anticipating future results and improving them, or minimizing the impact if the results are not aligned with the objectives of the company.
  • Discovering new opportunities of growth.
  • Optimizing business plans and improving operational efficiency.
  • Defining company strategies by visualizing future scenarios.
  • Forecasting the evolution of a sector.
  • Predicting future value of a customer in real time.

It may seem like a Science fiction, but in-fact it is not. However, the accuracy of the results mainly depend on the methodologies used and data processing, which are articulated based on the following axes:

Data Integrity, Precision and Reliability

Such analysis vastly depends on data. In order to anticipate the future, it is important to know the past. And the past data which are periodically fed into the predictive models must ensure integrity, precision and reliability to anticipate the future values with higher confidence levels.


ETL Process

The data to be analyzed is extracted, transformed and loaded into an independent environment that does not affect the operations of the business. Our team will collaborate with the client and supervise the ETL process. Data can be extracted from several data sources such as clients’ databases, third-party CRM, social networks or a web analytics tool.

Predictiva Suite also integrates its own data source in the suite (Predictiva Data) which offers detailed insights on user activities over the web.


Predictiva Suite is hosted on the cloud. It integrates various data sources such as csv, xml and databases. Additionally, Predictiva Data is a layer of information that offers insights about user activities over the web. This layer comes incorporated with Predictiva Suite as an inbuilt data source. Moreover, a connector to integrate GA Premium data is also available. This connector will be extended to integrate other web analytics tools as well. We will work with the clients on the requirement of any such connector and provide necessary integrations.

BigQuery is used as a Data Warehouse solution which stores and processes data as per user requests on the tool. It also enables the possibility of real time analysis.




The Predictiva engine offers data analysis through multiple options. The kernel has a powerful predictive analysis module which uses several different algorithms to predict or classify data points. Some of these algorithms are configurable, where users can adjust parameters such as nodes, iterations, learning rate, number of patterns, weights, etc. The application is also capable of easily adding more layers to the engine within the same architecture. Some examples are illustrated below.


The Predictiva Suite is designed to perform complex analyses in an intuitive way. Our goal is to simplify the analysis process and hence, the tool offers an interface with either drag and drop elements or quick selections.

You may either select options such as Artificial Neural Network and adjust its parameters manually or build your own questions by dragging and dropping elements via a natural language query builder. These parameters are quickly converted to machine language and the analysis results are returned in real time.




Layers are value-specific applications that can be incorporated based on customer needs. Each layer makes use of certain algorithms to represent or solve specific business cases. The process of incorporating layers is constantly evolving and we are continuously adding new layers for different requirements. Contact us for the latest updates or if you want to add a new layer for your business.

Know more...

We, at Predictiva, understand that a standard software may not represent a perfect solution for the client. Therefore, apart from this tremendously powerful solution that will contribute in the quick growth of your business, we also offer a service to customize this software as per your needs.