Predictiva Real Time

In the field of Analytics and Business Intelligence, most decisions are made based on analysis of the past. Dashboards and reports reflect the historical behavior of relevant business indicators.

From a strategic point of view, companies need to visualize the macro scenario and view the data with a certain perspective. This approach would evaluate the company management’s alignment with its objectives and shape them in the medium and long term context.

However, some decisions may even obviate the need of traditional cycles of analysis, review and decision making process which often consumes days or weeks. In the world of increasing competition and high efficiency, companies cannot afford to waste time in making decisions.

Predictiva Real Time is designed to create high value for such cases. The system architecture processes information in real time, performs algorithmic operations & calculations and returns results in milliseconds.

There are several applications that uses Real Time Analysis.



The risk of default from an online applicant requesting financing can be assessed in real time. The precautions can be taken at the time of interaction with the applicant. Similarly, it is possible to anticipate the probability of a customer’s insurance claim and calculate the premium prices accordingly at the time of issuing the policy.

An eCommerce store can predict the interests of a new user based on his activities in real time and display the items with higher chances of purchase by the user. Amazon executes this strategy with optimal efficiency and significantly increases its potential to upsell and cross sell products.

For a call center, at the time of the call with the customer, it can be predicted whether or not the customer will cancel the service. Using this feature, focus on the right customers can be dedicated and better customer retention/satisfaction can be achieved.

Predictiva Real Time can be combined with Predictiva Data to add a layer of user information in real time and make accurate predictions when it matters.