Fintech Intelligence

The rapid expansion of the financial technology industry has brought countless innovations to the financial services sector. Simplified application processes, faster delivery of products or services, and more focus on customer, are some of the driving changes that influence this industry.

The team of Predictiva has more than 6 years of experience in applying Big Data techniques and performing complex calculations to obtain the Credit Rating of customers. With a number of groundbreaking formulas, we have made it very easy to score customers in real time involving much lower costs than traditional methods.


Predictiva has developed a Digital Fingerprint technology that collects over 1,800 data points from the activity of users on the web. Implementation requires only a line of code in the website to be tracked.

This technology allows us to obtain hundreds of data points of the users without generating friction in the process. These data points enrich the machine learning model improving the accuracy of its decisions. These data can also be used to deploy a customized data analytics dashboard, providing detailed information about the user device, location, behavior, performance, and many more parameters.

The most important feature is its cross browser identification ability. This technology is more effective than cookies.




With all our experience in Fintech industry, we solve challenges to ensure higher ROI for your business by increasing conversion rates and acquisition while maintaining same marketing investments. For lending companies the model reduces the default rates and lowers risk.

This solution also optimizes debt collection calls by accurately predicting whom to call, when to call and which agent must call to maximize the collection.

Our Solutions:

  • Conversion rate increase
  • Reduction of default rates
  • Anticipating churn rate
  • Optimizing debt collection

These solutions offered on client premises on their own infrastructure ensure security of their data and give complete control and ownership to the client. They can be implemented as early as in a few weeks by our team of data scientists, software engineers and analysts expert in this field.


Predictiva offers layers of Big Data to enrich any Machine Learning model for all clients, even if their data source contains limited information. We provide technologies to obtain much more insights about customers than already available.

Predictiva makes use of millions of data points available on the web in form of public or semi-public data sources and combines them with our proprietary technologies (Fingerprint being the most important one). Applying all these data bases to the machine learning models, we achieve results which are more accurate and efficient as compared to other similar solutions offered in the market.

These Big Data Layers act as a value proposition and make our solutions unique.