Predictiva Data

Predictiva Data is a technology that captures detailed user activities on the web. The range of data collected exceeds 1500 data points and they are processed and displayed to the users in milliseconds.

The Predictiva Data comes integrated with the Predictiva Suite as a data source for various analyses and applications supported by the suite. The data points can be grouped as –

  • Technology and Devices
  • Geolocation
  • Traffic Sources
  • User actions and behavior
  • Navigation patterns
  • Web performance
  • Server performance

Though there are other solutions in the market providing web analytics data, Predictiva Data offers much more data points to analyze. Additionally, Predictiva Data does not sample or aggregate results and provide detailed insights of user activities at each user level.



The implementation of this data source is very simple. It requires only two lines of codes to be appended in the website code. The data can be visualized on the Predictiva Suite. Additionally, the raw data can be served via an API. This option is recommended for applications using real time scoring.

The data points together allow us to identify our customers and understand their behavior on the website. Some examples of the analyses that can be performed using these data points are –

  • The most profitable traffic source or channel
  • Geographic region with higher sales
  • Exact location of the potential customer
  • Search keywords on the website
  • Most visited content
  • Pages with least returning visitors
  • Exit pages or abandonement rate of carts
  • Impact of page and server performance on sales

The above mentioned analyses and more are also possible using the other web analytics/data solutions available in the market, however, the sampling-free, non aggregated data analyzed and visualized on the tool provides enormous benefits. Additionally, with this tool the information can be processed in real time and actions can be based on the results of data processing.