PREDICTIVA FINGERPRINT technology is the first tool that identifies the device behind a connection/user by collecting variables related to their hardware & network, and applying features of artificial intelligence on them.

On the set of variables collected, we apply a machine learning model developed ad hoc for this tool that, with all the knowledge acquired from millions of online visits, is able to identify precisely the same device used for browsing.

This new technology overcomes the limitations of the traditional ways of identifying visitors, such as cookie, IP, User Agent or geolocation.

It is the first technology with cross-browser identification capability.

Predictiva Fingerprint has many applications though most of our clients use it mainly for two purposes:

Prevent fraud

Having the ability to identify a device indefinitely from altering other parameters is enormously effective in preventing fraud. Applied by companies in Fintech and Gaming.


Marketing attribution systems

The traditional formula of identifying users visiting a cookie-based website is very inefficient and imprecise. This technology will revolutionize attribution systems to the extent that its accuracy is far superior to any other system available in the market.

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