Revolutionizing Customer Service and Telephone Sales with AI

We develop solutions based on Machine Learning and Natural Language Understanding and Processing to help companies make better decisions in the relationship they have with their clients

what we do

At Predictiva we automatically structure and categorize valuable
information in the conversations with your clients

We automate quality and sales audits in Call Centers

Upbe's intelligence allows you to close more phone sales

Upbe improves customer experience and boosts your NPS

Reduces FCR and Average Handle Time (AHT)

natural language processing systems applied to the call center

Our products

Software de inteligencia conversacional


We developed the #1 Conversational Intelligence technology in Spanish to automate customer service and sales verification.

Upbe’s voice-to-text transcription (Automatic Speech Recognition) is the most accurate in Spanish for the context of Call Center calls, covering the different accents of all Spanish-speaking countries.

Improve your CX

AI Powered Call Reason

Upbe combines Natural Language Understanding and computational linguistics to automatically extract the customer’s reason for calling on each call.

It allows you to know at a maximum level of depth the experience of your client with your products and services, understand how the market perceives your products or services and anticipate possible churn of clients, among other issues.

Our clients

They trust in our technology

Lo que dicen nuestros clientes:

Andrés Méndez

“Apoyarnos en Predictiva a través de Upbe nos está ayudando a entender mejor cómo podemos hacer más eficiente nuestro análisis de llamadas en Konecta. Las mejores son evidentes”

Andrés Méndez

The best quality of life

Looking for the best talent

Malaga, the best quality of life and where the technology sector is growing the fastest. We have our main office in the Technology Park (PTA – Malaga Tech Park).

And we are looking for talent! Take a look at the open vacancies or send us your application spontaneously.

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Upbe's blog

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