CLARA® is a technology developed by PREDICTIVA
to audit and interpret thousands of voice interactions
between call center agents and customers

In most Call Centers, it is mandatory to verify calls between agents and customers/leads to confirm the voice interactions are in accordance with the guidelines and quality policies established by the company. In addition, specific campaigns involve interactions with a purpose of sale, which have a contractual obligation to inform the client and to gather their consent of legal conditions and clauses of the contract.

Automatic Supervision has 2 objectives:

  • Verify the quality or good practices of the agent
  • Guarantee the contractual validity in voice interactions


Automatic Supervision Advantages:

  • SAVING COSTS. A single system processes millions of calls and can be operational 24/7.
  • SCALABILITY. Supervision of thousands of calls in parallel.
  • OBJECTIVITY. The only interpretation criterion defined based on objective parameters.

Optimizer Supervisor Methodology:

  • Process recordings of calls and identify the voice parameters and content spoken by the agent and the client.
  • Identification of the context of all agent and client communications.
  • Processing verification checks and business rules for the calls.
  • Natural Language Processing to perform the verification checks of the voice interactions.
  • Parsing through an automatic learning model to obtain final probability of call validation.

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